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DECARBONISe today with existing fuels & assets, & future proof for the alternatives.


With Aderco, you’ll discover your fuel’s full potential, delivering value to your OPEX, by improving and protecting your bottom line. Take the first step on the path to zero with your existing assets and fuel suppliers, and prepare your business to handle alternative fuels without risk.

We assure your operations perform optimally every day, all day.

Aderco fuel additives are safe and recognised by major OEMs, they are 100% green technology, environmentally friendly posing no risk.


Biofuels and biofuel blends are a practical and economical method to achieve decarbonisation results fast. Aderco additives mitigate the risks.

bio & microbial

With Aderco sustainable fuel additives biocides are no longer necessary to protect biofuels from microbial risks.

Bio & corrosion

With Aderco sustainable fuel additives your machinery is protected from corrosion risk often associated with biofuels and bio-blends


VM Industrials can improve your mining OPEX, protect CAPEX and instantly decarbonise with an ROI. Mines can asset manage with more predictive maintenance schedules.  


VM Industrials support your engineers to operate both new and complex VLFSO’s and traditional HFO’s. Bunkering tanks remain clean reducing the need for ‘confined space entries’


VM Industrials ensures your machinery works optimally when you most need it, whilst always protecting tanks from fuel contaminations and time degradation.

tank farm

VM Industrials clean your tanks and keep them clean of sludge by keeping fuel homogenised and free of water, minimising slops and removing the need of costly ‘confined space entries’

premium fuels

VM Industrials deliver premium performance for your clients without compromise with the comfort that VM additives are 100% environmentally safe

power generation

VM Industrials ensure your generators work efficiently and optimally all day, every day without risk of common fuel issues, no matter where you are.

how we work with you

VM Industrials share their knowledge of fuels and fuel additives with prospective customers to ensure their engineering teams understand the reasons why additives in fuels are no longer optional. VM Industrials continue to assist and support our customers in quantifying those benefits.

about us

VM Industrials are fuel performance specialists.  We offer depth of knowledge and understanding of fuel rarely seen in the fuel additives sector. Conducting our own R&D in Australia ensures delivery of additive technologies that reflect the specific regions, operations and their individual fuel challenges.

Case studies

Aderco have almost 40 years of continuous R&D in fuels and fuel additives. Their products are environmentally safe and sustainable without compromising on results. Aderco’s success and history in shipping – by far the toughest and most unforgiving of environments – provide the kind of assurance and comfort we’d like to pass on to our clients.

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