FAME & BioFuels – the future

by | Feb 6, 2024

As pressure builds for governments to increase the percentage of FAME (biofuels) in fossil fuels, we need to address the potential problems that can occur.

Namely, an increased risk of degradation from water, oxidation, corrosion and/or microbial growth. However, if a suitable fuel additive is used, the FAME content can be increased even higher than 7% without issues.

In terms of what is a suitable fuel additive, we must use a product which does not alter the fuel specifications, alongside being 100% renewable & sustainable itself. Fossil-fuel additives are counterproductive when it comes to environmental factors, and biocides build immunity to microbial growth in the fuel over time. Both are toxic.

Such a fuel additive does exist; Aderco’s 2055G fuel additive is a biomass by-product: 100% renewable and sustainable.

Its low-dosage, high-concentration formulation (1litre treats 55,000 litres fuel) protects fuels with up to 30% FAME content for 2 years without any degradation from water, oxidation, acidity (corrosion) or microbial activity.

The Aderco additive action is physical and does not alter fuel specification. For this reason the additive poses no risk in the event of overdosing.

Check out how it works on this 2 minute video:

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