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Introducing VM Industrials

VM Industrials was launched by Francisco Malta in 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

We deliver custom solutions that fit within your existing assets and infrastructures, without disruption to current operations.

We help our customers meet their GHG and decarbonisation targets, government and industry requirements by understanding legislation, keeping abreast of developments and offering a deep understanding of modern fuel challenges. 

our objective

To deliver sustainable performance improvements to operations reliant on fuels and those storing fuels

our goals

To address and solve fuel instabilities, quality inconsistencies and legislative challenges as they arise

aderco group


VM Industrials are the sole distributing partner for the Aderco Group in Australia and Oceania. Aderco are a manufacturer of environmentally safe fuel additives.

The Aderco group has 40 years experience within the mining, marine, transport and retail sectors, treating 40 billion litres of fuel per year.

Aderco is unique in that their products function in a purely physical method, meaning fuel specifications are not chemically altered, as is the case with other fuel additives.

This means with Aderco additives there are no risk of overdosing and why major OEMs have no objections.

 VM Industrials perform their own verifications in Australia and Oceania to ensure the Aderco additives perform without compromise.

We partner with our clients

VM Industrials quantify the substantial financial benefits an optimal fuel brings to a customer’s OPEX and its reliability to increase savings across the board. For this reason VM Industrials encourages fuel users to regard fuel additives as an engineering tool, not a mere commodity.

Aderco should be viewed by your teams as a tool that you can control in-house to monitor directly for accountable results.

Our Founder

Francisco brings a personalised service with 8 years experience in the fuel additives space and a further 20 years in trading markets including the gas and oil sector. Together, Francisco and VM Industrials are your partners in fuel.

Francisco Malta

Francisco Malta

Managing Director

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